David Sutoyo

Here are my top WordPress plugins that helped me do my job in 2014: Theme Check Theme Check helps me uncover issues with my theme. If you are interested in submitting a theme to WordPress.org, then this plugin is a must. You can run the tests in the admin area and all the results are displayed Read More

Hybrid Core is my favorite WordPress theme framework. The framework is developed and maintained by Justin Tadlock, a very familiar name in the WordPress community. I’ve been using the framework for about three years now, and even though I’ve tried some other frameworks, I keep coming back to Hybrid Core. For most of my WordPress Read More

For most web developers, Bootstrap is probably the first CSS framework that comes to mind. But it is not the only framework out there. For my own WordPress development work I’ve settled on using Foundation as my front-end framework. Foundation is a front-end framework created by the folks at ZURB, and it is actually one Read More

I recently came across some misconceptions about WordPress that I thought I would address here. Most of these misconceptions are half-truths, which is what makes them very appealing. If you use WordPress, you’re stuck with the “WordPress look” False. It is true that there are many free and premium themes that look the same — slider on Read More

If you’ve done some WordPress theme development, you’ve probably asked yourself these questions: What is the difference between front-page.php and home.php? When should I use each file? Home is where the blog is Because of its blogging heritage, WordPress considers your “home” page to be your blog index page. In other words, it is the list of Read More

Update: check out Photoshop Etiquette Designers, let’s be honest — sometimes our deliverables just aren’t that organized. Sure, our design looks great, but when we pass our Photoshop and Illustrator files to the developers, they come back with questions like: Why is the green on this page not the same as the green on that page? How Read More

You just installed a theme, but you notice that there are a few things not quite to your liking. You can’t change it in the options, so you’re left with getting your hands dirty with CSS. What is the best way to go about doing that? The first rule of editing WordPress styles is: directly editing the Read More

WordCamp LAX wrapped up last weekend to a record attendance. For the uninitiated, WordCamps are conferences not just about WordPress design and development, but also the business of WordPress and freelancing. Even non-WordPress professionals can benefit a lot from attending. Here are three reasons I think you should attend WordCamp, even if you’re not a WordPress developer: Read More

There is a blog post sitting in my inbox, emailed to me by the wife. Written by Scott Dinsmore, it’s titled “Find “Your” People & Take Imperfect Action“. Most of us can probably guess what the post is about, since the title pretty much sums up what we need to know. Imperfect action. That was Read More