Hi, I'm David Sutoyo

I design and build websites with WordPress

My name is David Sutoyo. I’m a freelance WordPress designer and developer based in Los Angeles. I have taken numerous projects from sketches and blurbs to full-site design, development and deployment over the last decade. If you have a project in need of design and/or development help, let’s get in touch!

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I design

Websites and Logos

Your website and logo is a reflection of you and your brand. This is why I design based on your unique values and traits rather than on current fads and trends.

I develop

Custom WordPress Sites and Plugins

I build custom WordPress websites that are fast and responsive. I use WordPress to build sites ranging from e-commerce to online teaching. I help companies utilize WordPress to build sites that are easy to manage and powerful to use.

I write

About WordPress & Web Development

I am constantly honing my skills in design and development. Publishing articles about the web helps me stay up-to-date and share what I have learned.