My Imperfect Blog

There is a blog post sitting in my inbox, emailed to me by the wife. Written by Scott Dinsmore, it’s titled “Find “Your” People & Take Imperfect Action“. Most of us can probably guess what the post is about, since the title pretty much sums up what we need to know.

Imperfect action. That was the phrase ringing in my head as I tried to battle perfectionism in restarting this poor, neglected blog. Like most designers, I kept starting over — to the point that I think I might have more versions of a theme than I do actual blog posts. The design must be amazing! It will not be like [insert current trend]! The code will be so clean you can eat off it! I sketched new logos, wrote a new base theme, and even moved to a new server. Everything was planned out — except for the blog posts.

It all came to a head when I was just about the launch the new design, and I suddenly decided that Genesis didn’t quite do what I wanted it to do. I ended up scrapping the code and starting over. What was I thinking?

Designs come and go, and so will themes and workflows. Hopefully it is the words on this blog that has staying power. And this is why I am writing this post and publishing it along with my half-baked theme. No, the design isn’t quite what I imagined, but it’s good enough. There are some kinks in the code, but it runs. But the most important thing is that I am taking imperfect action and putting my imperfect writing out for the world to see. As for the perfect design? It will come, someday.

What is your imperfect action?

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